Your Words Of Love

Created On: 1/16/2017 3:17:52 PMAuthor: Vijay Kumar Sappatti

Vijay Kumar Sappatti was originally born & brought-up in Nagpur, presently he is living in Hyderabad, India. Music and comedy are his lifelines! On the creative scale: he is a Simple Human and a dreamer, a poet , musician , singer, photographer, sculptor, comic artist, dancer, writer, painter, giver, worshiper, lover, friend, teacher, mentor, speaker, thinker, philosopher, film Director and a student for lifetime learning from this world!! And he is thankful to GOD for this much of love showered upon his. And On the Academic Dimension, he has academic degrees in engineering, economics and management. Along with MBA, he has a post graduate diploma in marketing management and HRD. Professionally, Presently he is working as Chief Executive Officer in a Solar O & M Company. He has a successful career of 20+ years in the skill areas of Strategic Business Planning, New Market identification, Business Development, Market Research, Team Building, Competitive Product Positioning, Budget Preparation, Marketing Promotions, Corporate Planning. He mostly write poems and some stories. His first writing language is Hindi and secondary English. So far he has three books to his credit, two poetry and one story, all in Hindi.


Your Words Of Love

It’s another dream
Dreaming you in and around me

You stood there looking at me
And I ran to you like a river moves into ocean

You were the ocean of love & life to me
It was a union of love and passion

It begun with your words,
Words of comfort and love and passion hidden!

The words were covered with your frozen smile
Your smile had all the emotions of a lifetime
Our lifetime spent in moments together
Looking into each other’s eyes and
Holding the hands tightly as if never to depart

Your words turned into your hands and my hands
Caressing each other’s eternal bodies for passion
Passions burnt and turned into ageless words

The words of love and passion
Has everything in them, our broken breaths
Our burning desires and flames of ecstasy
And a long silence thereafter!

I am lying now and remembering you
Through your words oh my love
Where are you?


Vijay 1/16/2017 3:24:22 PM

wow. Thank you so much carlos , it came so beautifully regards vijay

Samiha Zubair 1/16/2017 5:12:29 PM

Beautifully woven words, of how love always keens for more

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