River Line

Created On: 11/26/2016 10:09:11 AMAuthor: Samiha Zubiar

About the PoetSamiha Zubiar was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a family of doting parents, at a young age she moved to Pakistan where she completed her education in Medical School as a doctor. Also taught O level students for two years. Writing is her passion. Her debut poetry book 'Reneging Quiescence' is in pipeline. For Plax Jewellery competition she was selected as one among commendable writers. Her poetry is a chalice of observations from daily life.

River Line

Splashing in invigorating beads of perspiration

Blasphemous pouting over grievances, neigh retirement

Itchy foaming kiss, yoked in tumult, dispersed in action

Catapulting inertia when ravishing tarry

While drenched, unquenched thirst raves belly of aqua's mine


© Samiha Zubair, 2016.


Samiha Zubair 11/27/2016 1:10:55 AM

Thanks, Carlos for without your encouragement this would have not been possible. Just to make it official my surname in biography is coming wrong.Correct spelling is Zubair.not Zubiar

Muntaha 11/27/2016 3:21:22 AM

Said so much in few words. Beautifully expressed

Oan 12/9/2016 12:12:49 AM

Relieving with past and bitter about the future makes u stumble even when there is no obstacle. A beautiuful write..

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