I Wouldn't

Created On: 9/11/2016 5:48:54 PMAuthor: Aditya Saraff

With his right leg twitching
A sweat down his back
And in his finest suit he walked onto stage
His introduction still being announced
Walked onto stage, Took a bow to the large audience
And went and sat
With the only company he had
She shone and sparkled through the lights
each brush, each touch, each key
Her melody kept him going
For those moments he forgot everything
He played for each pained memory
For each sorrow
To fill his hollowed heart

By the end they stood
All in tears they applauded
As swiftly and awkwardly he came
He took a bow and left.
Sitting back in his room
Opening the door slightly
Not to anger him, she smiled, her
Angelic face pleased the maestro
Loss for words she stared
In between his drink he gestured her to sit
Fumbling she took out her notepad and pen
"Ask" he said..
You play of melancholy, of distant love, of solitude
Why so?
"I play to complete me".

Stunned she stared at him
Looking for an explanation.
I left my home 20 years ago for this shore
Played and found fame and riches
But soon war broke out
My land was pillaged, desecrated
My people killed
I was at the enemies shore
Playing while they dined
And my people were killed
I do what a musician can.

I play of my land
Play of my people
Play of my family and love
To remind them of what
It is to feel such pain that all
You know is that,
Where a lack of it leaves you void
Where you need it to make you whole.
I stay here so I am reminded each day.
I am no warrior and this is all I have
This is how I fight.

"What would you play
If you were at home now" she asked
She looked at his face, tired
The strain had been begun to show
The hair had greyed
But the eyes have away what he held deep
A silent fire that seemed to linger and burn his soul
"I wouldn't ".. said the maestro.


KP 9/13/2016 4:16:26 PM

Absolutely Brilliant!!!!! Loved it Aditya!

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