Created On: 9/11/2016 4:47:08 PMAuthor: Bartholomew

Dictionary of great generation
I look big but I am very humble,
I promise great history ahead,
Don't run but stay with me,
And You will witness wonders.
I am a book
filled with riches,
I wish you be wise,
when you flip through pages,
It may sound like a mourning at a funeral,
It pains and hurts,
But sit like a monk in front of me
Connect yourself to me
And you will be champ of champions
And there you will be carried to the place where knowledge overflows.
Don't be proud
Nor boast about your success
But rather be humble like me
And you will be a dictionary of great generation.


9/12/2016 9:19:53 PM

Its a unique poem & well written!!

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