Short Stories

Twin Triumphs


“I want to be a famous writer” was my quick reply, to the question Raju, the newspaper distributor posed to me, as he saw the eagerness with which I helped him distribute the newspapers early in the morning '

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Art Teacher: An Inspiration


“Good morning students”

“Good morning teacher” the students replied in unison to the warm greetings made by the art teacher.

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Waste It Not


It was 7 o’clock, a Sunday morning. I was at Margao (Goa) railway station waiting to board the train to Mangalore. There was an announcement, “the train is delayed by an hour”. I was disappointed by the announcement, more so be'

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Adventure In The Kitchen


“Uh… huh… this milk powder container out of my reach” I said in disgust in my mind looking at the milk container far away in the center of the table. I was hungr'

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