When the Magic Flirts

Wasted vibes of days asunder
Hiccups of memories I ponder
Even if not inherited, c'

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Your Words Of Love

Vijay Kumar Sappatti was originally born & brought-up in Nagpur, presently he is living in Hyderabad, India. Music and comedy are his lifelines! On the creative scale: he is a Simple Human and a dreamer, a poet , musician , sin'

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River Line

About the PoetSamiha Zubiar was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a family o'

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I will never ever forget

When I look at the sky
I remember you,
The clouds g'

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A Talking Pillow

As darkness seeps
Someone in my room awaits me
To swallow away

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I Wouldn't

With his right leg twitching
A sweat down his back
And in his finest suit he walke'

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Ages Withheld

Ages ago the soul was born on free land,
No need, No greed ..
In the land of Spir'

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How do I worship You,
in this world
of Ascetic agnosticism

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If you get hope from spirituality
Follow your hope with it.
If you get peace from'

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Dictionary of great generation
I look big but I am very humble,
I promise great hi'

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