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No Demands Only Gratefulness


Bleeding on leaves,

Ignited thoughts,

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Fabulous Ambience

Amidst the chirping birds

The shepherd guarding the herd

The dragonflies making

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The 456 Steps

The lofty feretory,
Had that hidden allegory.
Ah! Nea'

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The Mighty Eagle

O Eagle, mighty friend of mine,
Why can't you see your fellow friend shine?
All y'

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A Walk to Remember

A walk to remember
I wish to have with you.
By the se'

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The Spiritual Journey

As I slip into a trance, no idol matters;
A serene atmosphere beckons amidst the floral fragrances;

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Stupendous Love Turning Eternal

First time I saw you
Asked myself, is that you,
We carry same traits

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May be because i was a kid then

That was a chilled winter night,

When I was asleep and for some reason my family was still awake.<'

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You've lost me somewhere -
over the mountains' rumpled flanks
high up above many s'

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A wish

I want to be your friend
Then I don't care if this world would end.
I want to take'

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