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“CREATIVE WRITING” by Prof. Arputharaj Devaraj


Crisp and clear, exclusively inclusive, handy and an easy read makes this book highly interesting to students, professors, teachers and aspiring creative w'

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“Death in Every Stride” by Megha Agarwal


The story is an easy read and Megha’s language perks it all. Through her poetic words she expresses emotions that make you feel part of it. Or in a way empathize with the protagonis'

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“Move on Bunny” by Vivek Atray


Vivek Atray a civil servant tries his rioted hands for the first time on writing a  humorous book named, “Move on Bunny”. The book presents number of themes that bec'

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“The Pocket Love Story” by Ajitabha Bose


Ajitabha Bose might claim it is his story. Well I say it is not because I too can relate to it and I am sure many others who read this pocket novel will definitely agree with me, thus it '

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WHAT SHOULD I MAKE? By Nandini Nayar


Naming a prize, Dumbstruck, A good decision, Lighting up the world, It’s a long wait, Sharing a seat and many more short stories by Nandini Nayar have struck a chord in young minds.'

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“1st JOB AND 10 MISTAKES” by Uttam Kumar


The book is a reservoir of wisdom, more specifically if you are going through financial crisis and do not know what to do. Uttam Kumar in his simplistic style presents 10 mistakes that on'

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“I Will Never Find Another You” by Kumar Kaustubh


It is all about love, love between two teenagers, Karan and Vandana. The book is structurally very literary employing romantic genre. Kumar Kaustubh begins every chapter with a poem to pu'

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Emotions Unplugged by Vishal Anand


TITLE: Emotions Unplugged

AUTHOR: Vishal Anand


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Thoughts Sublime by Sonal Lobo


Cover Design: It is sublime like the poems worded by the poet. Though it has a simple look it justifies the title of the poetry collection'

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Innocence Lost An Anthology


Anthology: Innocence Lost (Stories of Child Abuse)

Publisher: Gargi Publishers

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